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Things to Do in Gran Canaria Island

Things to Do in Gran Canaria Island

Things to Do in Gran Canaria Island:

There may be so much to look in Gran Canaria that, in reality, you'll find which you do now not have enough time to go to all of the places you want. To simply see and admire Gran Canaria, here's a short review of the need-to-do activities:

Gran Canaria is home to excellent biodiversity each on land and at sea. In case you do no longer recognize what to do in Gran Canaria, there is nothing higher than scuba diving to recognize the limitless marine creatures that inhabit the area. Within the marine reserve of El CabrĂ³n, you may see manta rays, sea turtles, fish of all colors and an abundance of crustaceans. If you are not afraid, you could dive in the smash of Puerto Morgan or inside the underwater cave of la Catedral, positioned not some distance from Las Palmas. Being capable of reaching a temperature of 23 ° C in the summer season, the turquoise waters of the island can't be more welcoming.

The Pozo Izquierdo coastline is domestic to a number of the island's most magnificent surf spots. Take a seat on the sand and watch the surfers slip at the water. If you need to surf in the Canaries, do now not hesitate to take a few instructions in one of the surf faculties: pleasant instructors will train you the basics of this interesting sliding game. With a bit of exercise, you may manipulate to stand on your board very quickly. Be cautious, however: surfing is extremely addictive: as soon as you have efficiently surfed your first wave, you may need the most effective one factor: retain!

The Museum and Archaeological Park of Cueva Pintada:

The Archaeological Museum and Park of Cueva Pintada turned into built round a site of archaeological excavations relationship from the pre-Hispanic era. From the extended walkway, you may be able to ponder this remarkable site of the Canary Islands and move up the course of time till the Paleolithic. Do no longer omit to admire the rock art: they may permit you to recognize more about the symbolism and the iconography utilized by the neighborhood indigenous

Well before the start of the ECU colonization. You may visit the museum only as part of a guided tour. To keep away from finding a closed door, don't forget to ebook your visit earlier. 

The carnival of Gran Canaria:

As Gran Canaria is known for its rum, you could make certain, the inhabitants like to birthday celebration and take part in a competition or. The most important carnival takes location each yr in February: you may attend a colorful parade of streets so as to probably evoke the Rio Carnival or Sydney Mardi Gras.
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