Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Sham Tujhe Salam by Qamar Ali Abbasi Free Download PDF


Sham Tujhe Salam Qamar Ali

Sham Tujhe Salam by Qamar Ali Abbasi free download in PDF format or read online from this website. Sham Tujhe Salam is a superb Urdu travelogue (Safarnama) of Syria. Shaam Tujhe Salam is the title name of this Urdu book which is accessible here in Pdf record for nothing download and web-based perusing. Mr Qamar Ali Abbasi who is a prestige Urdu essayist and explorer. Qamar Ali Abbasi has made a trip to different Muslim countries and nations. Shaam Tujhe Salam is one of his acclaimed Urdu Travelogs. Shaam represents Syria and Salam represents Greeting. In this Travelog Urdu Ebook, Qamar Ali Abbasi has depicted his voyage to the acclaimed Islamic nation Syria. The writer additionally has composed litrature about the recorded Islamic spots and the tombs of various prophets and the friends of Prophet Mohammad SAW. Syria Tujhe Salam is a finished book for those individuals who need to make a trip to Syria. I hope you like and share this Safar Nama story now get free pdf copy from below links. You may be read Chala Musafir Singapore and  Safarnama Ibne Batuta.

Sham Tujhe Salam Safarnama

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