Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Safarnama Ibne Batuta Urdu By Molvi Muhammad Hussain


Safarnama Ibne Batuta

Safarnama Ibne Batuta Urdu written by Ibne Batuta and translated into the Urdu language by Molvi Muhammad Hussain.This a great travelogue which gives insights regarding the world. This book is an Urdu adaptation of the Arabic version by Molvi Muhammad Hussain. The essayist told about the social, financial, social, and political improvement on the planet in the fourteenth century. Ibn e Battuta was a well known Muslim researcher, author, and traveller who voyaged a ton all through the world. He visited China, India, Central Asia, and the vast majority of the Islamic world. He watched the life of the general population and composed a record. It was an essential material for the scientist who dealt with the historical backdrop of the world. Presently get free pdf duplicate record from underneath connections of this blog. I trust you like the book Safarnama Ibne Batuta Pdf and offer it with your companions.

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