Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Quran Aur Aurat by Dr Hafiz Deen Muhammad Qasmi Book


Quran Aur Aurat Dr Hafiz Din

Quran Aur Aurat by Dr Hafiz Deen Muhammad Qasmi Islamic Urdu book Quran and Women free download or read online. This Urdu book of Dr Professor Hafiz Muhammad Din Qasmi, the book of ' Reviewing is done. The author has also published the entire ideas of the intellectual researcher in his own book and has also criticized him with a purely academic degree. The 11 chapters of the book provide a detailed explanation in the light of almost all the issues related to women, in which women's scope, duties and obligations of women and all objections related to the Islamic and mixed society, testimony in the light of Quran There is also a detailed description of the females. You may be Quran Main Parde Ke Ahkam by Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi and Khawateen Ka Parda by Abdul Rauf Sakarvi Hijab in Islam.

قرآن اور عورت

ڈاکٹر حافظ محمد دین قاسمی
Quran and Women book

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