Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ajab Sair Thi Urdu Travelogue by Dr. Saleem Akhtar Free Download


Ajab Sair Thi Dr. Saleem Akhtar

Ajab Sair Thi Urdu Travelogue by Dr Saleem Akhtar free download in PDF format or read online. Ajab Sair Thi it is a great Urdu Safarnama of India, China, and Denmark. Dr Saleem Akhtar has composed his intriguing stories and occasions amid his adventure to India, China, and Denmark. Ajab Sair Thi is the gathering of movement accounts of India, China and Denmark. Dr Saleem Akhtar has shared his encounters in an engaging manner in this Urdu book Ajab Sair Thi. The author Dr Saleem Akhtar is a celebrated explorer who wants to compose his travelogue in the Urdu language. Ajab Sair Thi Urdu Safarnama is accessible here in Pdf document for nothing download and web-based perusing. This Safarnama ebook published by Sang e Meel Publication Lahore Pakistan. This book as long as 192 pages now get free file copy from below links. You may be read Safar Teen Darweshon Ka by Akhter Mamoonka and New York City Ke So Rang by Mustansar Hussain Tarar Travelogue NY
عجب سیر تھی

ڈاکٹر سلیم اختر

Ajab Sair Thi Urdu Travelogue

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