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Sher Khwarzam By Maulana Ismail Rehan History Urdu Books PDF


Sher Khwarzam By Maulana Ismail

جلال ‌الدین خوارزم شاه

Sher Khwarzam, Sultan Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah Aur Tatari Yalgar written by Maulana Muhammad Ismail Rehan. Free download in pdf format copy or read online from here. Sher e Khwarzam Urdu history and biography book contain the total chronicled story of Sultan Jalaluddin Khwarzam shah. It refers to the account of the fight among Muslim and Mongolians Tataris. Jalal ul-Din Mingburnu went through three years in a state of banishment in India. Going into a collision with the Khokhars Lahore and a lot of Punjab was caught. At this stage, he mentioned a partnership with Iltutmish the Turkish Mamluk Sultan of Delhi against the Mongols. The Sultan of Delhi cannot so he could stay away from contention with Genghis Khan and walk towards Lahore at the leader of a substantial armed force. Mingburnu withdrew from Lahore and moved towards Uchch causing a substantial thrashing on its ruler Nasir-Ud-Din Qabacha, and ravaged Sindh and northern Gujarat before coming back to Persia in 1224. Snap on the accompanying connect to peruse on the web and download the total book in Pdf position for disconnected perusing. Now get free pdf copy from below links.

Sultan Jalaluddin Khwarazm Shah

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