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Madina kay Tareekhi Maqamaat ka Tasveeri Album Book PDF


Madina kay Tareekhi Maqamaat

Madina kay Tareekhi Maqamaat ka Tasweeri Album book in Urdu written by Maulana Arsalan Bin Akhter. The history and Historical places of Madina City. Madinah Munawarrah (the enlightened city) positions as the second holiest spot in Islam after Makkah. The city offered asylum to the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the early Muslims upon their movement from Makkah and where lies the internment spot of the Prophet SAW. The city of Madinah was initially known as Yathrib, a desert spring city dating as far back as the sixth century BCE. Amid the war among Jews and Romans in the third century CE, numerous Jews fled Jerusalem and relocated to their hereditary spot of Yathrib (present Madinah). Nero sent a huge Roman power under Petra Leonidas to Madinah to slaughter the Jews in 213 CE. A people group endure and when the Prophet (ﷺ) had moved there was a vast Jewish nearness around the city. Now free download in pdf format or read online from below links.

Madina Historicla Places
History of Madina Urdu

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