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Khuliya Ik Qainat By Haroon Yahya Urdu Books PDF Download


Khuliya Ik Qainat Haroon Yahya

Khuliya Ik Qainat by Haroon Yahya Urdu books PDF download or read online Islamic research book on Human body. this Urdu book translated by Abdul Khaliq Hamdard. The Quran is the last book from the Almighty to guide mankind. This is the essence and lavishness of all the previous heavenly books, therefore this book guides us on this occasion, where its minds wander their last limits In this book, Allaah has invited humans to put themselves in a place where their power is. Yes if you are invited to consider your body, then consider yourself on your environment. It is said that if water and water are invited, it is invited only for the purpose of this invitation. F is to be applied to the Creator of the Creator to remove from human nature. The book "An Item is a Universe" is a book by Harun Yahya", the author of the modern and scientific sciences expert, Haroon Yahya, in which he has his other In the forgotten ways of science and wisdom, according to the scriptures, gumption has invented human beings in light of revelation. And in our environment, they have mentioned only one of the millions and millions of miracles in this book and about After describing the last limit of science, it has been noted that the work ahead of this creator is of universe, which He has created a lot of science space in place and has said that even if science is still the reality of the universe, do not understand the debt of any component of it. Accept the author's efforts from the book. And make this book a source of knowledge by the creator of the universe for people

خلیہ اک کائنات

ہارون یحییٰ
Khuliya Ik Qainat

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